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VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3 ( September-December, 2014 ) > List of Articles


Comparison of Calcium Sulfate and Bovine Collagen Barriers for Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

Robert Spears, Ibtisam Al-Hashimi, Eric S Solomon, David G Kerns, William W Hallmon, Harvey P Kessler, Matthew L Heaton

Citation Information : Spears R, Al-Hashimi I, Solomon ES, Kerns DG, Hallmon WW, Kessler HP, Heaton ML. Comparison of Calcium Sulfate and Bovine Collagen Barriers for Alveolar Ridge Augmentation. J Contemp Dent 2014; 4 (3):129-138.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10031-1083

License: CC BY-ND 3.0

Published Online: 00-12-2014

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2014; Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd.


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